RAC hack session – Tuesday – July 11 2011

July 11, 2011  |   Blog,Performance tuning,Presentations,RAC   |     |   5 Comments

I will be conducting a 1-hour deep dive session about RAC LMS process (and about LGWR processes too if time permits) using advanced UNIX utilities. Read Tanel’s blog entry for details:
RAC hack session

See you there!

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    July 16th, 2011 on 5:04 pm

    Hi Riyaj

    Actually I’ve already registered but I was totally forgot. Do you plan to create a vlog of it ?

    I am looking forward for that.

    Thank you

      July 17th, 2011 on 6:04 pm

      Hello Haris
      Yes, I am trying to create a video of my presentation, for many reasons. But, I have technical difficulties in creating a video presentation. Creating a video presentation in my MAC had become such an ordeal, it lead to recovery of some of my virtual machines.
      I am hoping that I should be able to complete this video shortly
      Thanks for reading my blog.


        September 10th, 2011 on 3:44 am

        Hello Riyaj,
        Any chance how we can get our hands on the presentation?


    September 15th, 2011 on 12:51 pm

    Hello Amir
    I have a video of this seminar. But, I need to work on the video as YouTube doesn’t let upload that big of video. I should be able to get this setup in early october, after OOW

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